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Max Graham - Diamonds

Max Graham lets the music come alive. With early spring unlocking a fresh sound, the Canadian producer provides the nocturnal anthem of 'Diamonds'. A smooth, warming prog-trancer with the voice of fellow Canadian Tania Zygar, melting every last bit of winter.

The last beat of his 'Where You Are' has yet to sound, but Max Graham is no artist to rest on his laurels. He strives forward, ever exploring the spectrum of progressive, trance and everything else that intrigues him. For his latest pleasure to the ears, he's teamed up with rising star Tania Zygar. One of EDM's latest discoveries in vocals, the talent's hot off her booming collabs with Arty, tyDi, Space Rockerz and Estiva. Binding strengths with the driving sounds of Graham, together they create a feel-good tune that truly shines, 'Diamonds'.

Max Graham & Tania Zygar - Diamonds Lyrics

I remember when, you brought me up,
back from the dead, cuz i was stiff as a rock.
Hell broke loose and tore me down,
didn't think that I'd come around.

Like a diamond in the rough,
you were my diamond in the rough.
Look at how well you kept me up,
we all need diamonds in the rough.

You drove down, to the big city,
so we could get wasted to feel pretty.
At 5 oclock, our party stopped,
we made our way home grown up.



Look at you now,
I'm so proud.
Shining bright,
right where you are.
We are diamonds,
we are diamonds now.


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