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Vicetone - Heartbeat

This new original track from Vicetone and Collin McLoughlin is an absolute stunner. This progressive anthem will be blasted all summer long at every festival possible! The vocal work from McLoughlin brings out the intricacy of the build up to make the pounding drop just that more exciting. This track is the perfect way to pave the way for much more music from Vicetone this year!

Vicetone - Heartbeat (feat. Collin McLoughlin) Lyrics

The sunlight begins to fade now
And I feel like I'm loosing time
But I don't know how I'm here
The sunlight is turned to gray
And i feel like i'm losing love again
And I don't know how I'm here

I could feel your heartbeat
I could feel the sun when you're looking down
'Cause it's you who i'm loving
And it's you that i wanna breath
And it's you who i'm loving
And it's you that i want and need

And i know we're getting older
The world we build is slipping through our fingers
We're running out of time
And you are the one i've chosen
And i won't lay still
Living left behind, imprisoned by this love



  1. Through*
    Love Em

  2. Thank you! I updated the post!

  3. And I know now we're getting older*
    Awesome lyrics though! Thanks for posting 'em!

  4. Awesome lyrics

  5. Are you sure it's not
    "I can feel somewhere you're looking down"
    instead of "I could feel the sun when you're looking down"?

    1. I'm not sure...waiting for new opinions :D Thank you for comment!

    2. i can feel you somewhere you're looking now

  6. Probably not, sunlight is mentioned twice in the first verse, so I guess that's the theme they were going with.


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