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Gal Abutbul - Don't Mind Waiting

Since his debut on Coldharbour a couple of years ago with Genelec, Gal Abutbul has established himself as a diverse and creative musician DJ producer that can successfully change his colour and style in each and every release whether an original or a remix. "Don't Mind Waiting" is no exception. A driving dark production fuelled by the seductive vocals of Australian singer songwriter Phillipa Joy that you might remember from DJ Shah's "Ocean Drive" a few years back.

Gal Abutbul feat Phillipa Joy - Don't Mind Waiting Lyrics

Call me like an angel, cover me
And fold me like a child, be my home
Call me like an angel, come to me
And fold me like a child, take me home

And i don't mind waiting, don't mind waiting
Don't mind waiting for you

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