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Finnebassen - Touching Me

Let’s kick off today with something a little different. A new release called Touching Me.

Sometimes it’s a nice change of pace to get away from the festival EDM, and listen to something that can really set a mood. Finnebassen is absolutely a master of the art — yes, it’s an art; an art no different than mixing up the perfect cocktail.

The summer is not all about eccentric peak timers and carnivalesque club hits. Oslo’s Finnebassen knows this all too well and on the back of his impending legacy as the young master of down-to-earth Electronica, his latest studio escapade ‘Touching Me’ sets the burden of proof of the above statement to an all time high.

Divine in both atmosphere and persistent stamina, the Norwegian producer fuses the perfect concoction of after party grooves alongside the tracks emotively refined top line to forge a track as fit for the closing set as it is the poolside chill. Where Finnebassen’s laidback melodics may not make for everyone’s ultimate summer soundtrack, this is ambient Dance music at its most angelic from a definite ‘one-to-watch’ on the European circuit.

Really brilliant, well done my friend!

Lyrics: Finnebassen - Touching Me

Holding me, touching me
I don't want nobody else love
Holding me, touching me
See i never really felt like i do
When i'm around you baby

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