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Manufactured Superstars - Silver Splits (Paul Oakenfold Remix)

Twenty-eleven was a busy year for the MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS, and as always, presentation is key. From their costuming to the visuals used in their shows, the moment fans spot the matching NASA spacesuits, music-lovers know the party is on! The cosmos have welcomed the MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS with open arms, as exemplified by their unprecedented shows at The Kennedy Space Center in Washington DC in 2009, and in 2011 at the private event celebrating the inaugural launch of the Virgin Galactic space port.

The MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS have received high-octane boosts from within the gaming industry, too, by having their music and avatars featured in the social-networking, geo-based-location video game, BOOYAH's 'Nightclub City: DJ Rivals.' (To date, Nightclub City boasts more than 20 million active users worldwide.) The MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS' recording deal with the venerable Black Hole Recordings has helped to bring the duo to the forefront of the global EDM scene with a steady flow of new releases and critically acclaimed music videos, including the first singles from their forthcoming as-yet-unnamed studio album: 'Angry Circus' and 'Drummer Drums'; 'Take Me Over' featuring Scarlett Quinn (video directed by Christopher Andrews); 'Serious' featuring Selina Albright; and 'Drunk Text' featuring Lea Luna. 'Take Me Over' has received immense support at radio, including charting on SIRIUS XM RADIO. At the end of 2011, an E.P. titled Freak On You (Magik Muzik) was released.

Early 2012 will see the release of the MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS' next single, 'Silver Splits The Blue', a collab with Jeziel Quintela and featuring the mighty Christian Burns on vocals,
Keep a look out for this follow-up video to "Take Me Over", shot in Las Vegas this time, and remixes by LA Riots, Brian Matrix, Dragon & Jontron and more!

This is the MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS' core philosophy, "We just wanna play great tunes and be the funnest DJs out there!"

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